Crafting Sparkle For Over 20 Years

by paul slegers

Committed to Sparkle since 2001

Crafting Sparkle For Over 20 Years

The history of Amanda Diamonds goes back to 2001, when the Amanda-team started Infinity Diamonds. For years, our team cut diamonds, celebrated by consumers worldwide for their ultimate Sparkle.

Our commitment has always been to Sparkle, and for years, satisfied clients have celebrated their diamond and its Secret Sauce.

That overwhelming sparkle is no accident. It is the result of meticulous attention to detail in every step of the process, from the selection of the starting crystal, over the planning and each production-step, until the final quality-control. Only with all these elements in place, from start to finish, does the resulting diamond receive the brand-signature.

Today, we are simply continuing that commitment as Amanda Diamonds. We are the same team, carrying out the same production-process with the same attention to detail in every step. As a result, each Amanda Diamond comes with the unique sparkle, our team’s work is renowned for.

Whether you are purchasing your first diamond or upgrading, there is no reason to settle for second-best. Our team is still here for you, making sure that you can enjoy the Sparkle you deserve. For many years to come.

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