Generous Diamond Upgrade Policy

by paul slegers

Grow your diamond, grow your Sparkle

Generous Diamond Upgrade Policy

Imagine buying an Amanda diamond today, and desiring another, more expensive, often bigger Amanda diamond later on. Do not be ashamed, it happens all the time, and it is a great way to celebrate an anniversary or some financial windfall.

Amanda has a simple and very generous upgrade-policy. Upon upgrade to a higher-priced Amanda diamond, we credit you for the full price you paid for the original diamond, excluding taxes, jewelry and/or shipping.

This goes even further. Amanda also offers the same upgrade-benefit to consumers who purchased a CBI from HPD before October 1st, 2020.

You have another diamond you wish to upgrade from? There are still solutions to upgrade towards the ultimate sparkle-level of Amanda. Just inform us on what diamond you wish to upgrade from, and we will design you the best upgrade-offer possible.

Because everybody deserves an Amanda.

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