Love And Secret Sauce In Every Sparkle

by paul slegers

Some call it Secret Sauce, it is actually Love

Love And Secret Sauce In Every Sparkle

Love is the emotion driving our work. We have chosen the name ‘Amanda’ because of its Latin meaning: ‘deserves to be loved’.

In our view, the rough diamond crystal, remnant of earth’s history and around a billion years old, deserves our ultimate love, even if only by virtue of its age. Our love translates into carefully planning and crafting each and every facet of the diamond, such that it sparkles at its very best. Nature should not have gifted us this age-old crystal if we do not give it the ultimate Sparkle.

When comparing our diamonds to others, observers generally describe our diamonds containing a Secret Sauce. We acknowledge that description, as our Secret Sauce is the same as the one used by a chef, working with the best ingredients and Love.

Each Amanda diamond is defined by love and you will experience that love in the ultimate Sparkle. That Sparkle will grab your attention, give you joy and remind you why you are wearing that diamond, as a gift of love to yourself or as a gift of love from somebody important to you. So, please remember: Each Sparkle is a reminder of Love.

Secret Sauce is the result of Love.

Love >>> Secret Sauce >>> Sparkle

Love without Secret Sauce is like Life without Sparkle.

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