Handcrafted Precision Diamonds

by paul slegers

From hand to hand, precision in every detail is the key to Sparkle

Handcrafted Precision Diamonds

Crafting an Amanda diamond is far more than just the act of cutting. It is a sequence of very important steps, all contributing to the final result, ultimate Sparkle.

1. First comes the selection of the rough crystal. In this first step, we examine the crystal structure and inclusion-pattern of the rough diamond for potential defects. At the same time, we estimate the final weight, final color, final clarity-grade and its position as well as fluorescence. Only if the crystal as such creates no negatives for the final diamond and, very importantly, if the outcome in weight, color, clarity and fluorescence are economically viable can we proceed to the next step.

2. Second step is final planning. Here, we plan the Amanda diamond in detail, making sure that if an inclusion remains, it is least visible to the future observer. And with the goal of ultimate Sparkle, the position, size and angle of each facet is mapped out, such that the diamond in its interaction with light produces unmatched Sparkle.

3. On to the execution, the cutting of a miracle of light. Master-crafts(wo)men execute the planning of the selected rough crystal. Each subtask requires another specialist, carefully handling the precious diamond and applying the final facets with the smoothest possible finish. The precision with which these tasks are executed determines the play of light and the Sparkle of the diamond.

4. Comparing final product to the plan. At the end of the process, the selection- and planning-team re-examines the final diamond. Only if we feel satisfied with the result and the Sparkle of the final diamond will this be an Amanda diamond. It is your guarantee of ultimate and unmatched Sparkle, which you will enjoy for years to come.

From hand to hand, Precision is the key to Sparkle.

Precision in each step is the key to Sparkle.

Step by step, Precision translates into Sparkle.

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