Handcrafted Precision Diamonds

Precision is the key to Sparkle

Step by step, Precision translates into Sparkle

Love in
every sparkle

Some say "Secret Sauce",
but it's actually Love

Love without Secret Sauce is like Life without Sparkle

Crafting Sparkle
for over 20 years

The name has changed,
the Sparkle has not

Committed to Sparkle since 2001. For years, satisfied clients have celebrated their diamond and its Secret Sauce

Grading report
of your choice

Paper is just paper,
diamond is never just diamond

The diamond is more important than the paper describing the diamond

Sparkle stays,
grades are forgotten

Grades are overrated,
Sparkle matters most

Don't just follow the myth of the 4 C's. Make sure you choose Sparkle

Lifetime trade-up is
only a start

Grow your diamond,
grow your Sparkle

Buy a more expensive diamond, trade in your old diamond at full purchase-price

Ask Amanda Anything

A diamond is unlike any other product. It is historic in the age of the rough diamond, it is a piece of art, crafted to unleash Sparkle. And the sparkle is a reminder of love for the wearer.

A diamond should never be good enough. If not exquisite, it is an insult to nature having formed the rough crystal, to the love of the wearer and to the potential of the craftspeople.

Do not consider the purchase of a diamond as a product to be picked off a shelf. Instead, learn about the crafting of a diamond, and how it unleashes Sparkle and beauty. And learn about the people responsible for creating that Sparkle. Their love and dedication determines the joy each Sparkle will bring you. That is why we invite you to Ask Amanda. Anything.

Do you have a question about our diamonds, cut-quality and sparkle, diamonds in general, the diamond industry? Just Ask Amanda. We will gladly answer your questions.

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